Ham Pocket & 50 Sniffs – Fine Line Between Love & Crime

Ham Pocket’s Final Final Farewell? How long can we drag this out for? We think this is actually the real end now, we think anyway. It probably is. Maybe.


Despite breaking up a few weeks back, Ham Pocket have just released their first (and final?) music video – Fine Line Between Love & Crime. This ode to failed seduction was filmed on location over a period of two weeks and features a guest verse from Boston’s finest rapscallion rapper – 50 Sniffs.

This video was part of the 2 Weeks 2 Make It Competition spearheaded by Rob Speranza and the South Yorkshire Filmmaker’s Network. It went on to win the Audience Choice Award, beating off 14 other entries. That’s right people, the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD – THE PUBLIC HAVE SPOKEN AND THE VERDICT IS: THEY LOVE HAM POCKET.

The video was released online yesterday, complete with comedy blooper at the end. Here it is!

And the reviews have come rolling in!

The yorkshire version of Lonely Island – F*****g mint! Holly Eyre, We Love World of Superheroes

Go hog or go home! Prime meat!Swanky Swine, Dublin

My favourite bits are between 0:00 – 3:09.Tony Marmaduke, The Hot Soles

Great song, great video.City of Sheffield via Twitter

Great locations, fantastic make up, shiny pants, super cool.Carl Onfirewatkins via YouTube

Another fine piece of work from Jimmy Grimmy May and his…erm…friends?Toby Green via Facebook

Ham Pocket’s comedy nutball of a video keeps staying with me, making me chuckle away.Rob Speranza, South Yorkshire Filmakers Network

Thoroughly enjoyed it-even in the cold light of day. Chortled all the way though, we did. But also It’s an emotional roller coaster, poignant and significant in its relevancy. The sausage touching-up situation is something we can all relate to I think.John Sephton, Old Pig Farm Studios

Meh.Peacey the Peace Lilly

Here it is again!

And one more time!

One more time for luck.

Thanks to all who have shared so far. Our aim is for someone who reads The New Mexico Press to see it!