You are currently viewing The Cool Beans Podcast – Episode 3: Poetry In Motion

The Cool Beans Podcast – Episode 3: Poetry In Motion

Three years. Three podcasts. Now if that isn’t productivity I don’t know what is!

Episode 3 of the Cool Beans Podcast is one big attack on the senses!

Its cultural impact has been compared to the John Barnes rap!

Some people are calling it ‘the Mona Lisa of the podcast world’ (dull an outdated!)

Listening to it is basically like riding an elephant on acid! Who’s on acid? You or the elephant? YOU BOTH ARE!

For starters it includes interviews with superstars Reel Big Fish AND 50 Sniffs, a new tune from the Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire and an extremely un-topical review of some news.

On top of all that aforementioned gold Dom tries his hand at poetry, the Welsh Whisperer warns us of the dangers of smoking and we finally conclude the Ham Pocket saga. And thank heavens we did as well. Everyone hates that band.

Also Bob Dylan is in it! BOB DYLAN!

Big thanks to Jimmy May, Dave Vaughn, Aaron Barrett, John Christianson, Ed Krayskat, Bob Dylan, Andy Enchilada and anyone who listens to it after this awful write up.

You can listen on iTunes here, Mixcloud here or download it for free here.

Before we say goodbye here’s proof that we didn’t forge the interview with Reel Big Fish like we did with every other celebrity voice on the podcasts…


Good bye!