The Return of Cool Beans Radio!

What’s up guys? How’s it all going? Long time no see. You look great. Is that a new beard? My oh my it looks fantastic, and is that…yes it is, you have a tiny bird’s nest in your new beard, and the eggs in there are hatching! This is a beauty to behold. What a marvellous treat this is. How delightful.

Now we’ve got that reconciliation out of the way, it’s time to chat about the almighty return of the Cool Beans Radio Show! After many months away (we were working on that TV show we did, oh you haven’t seen it? Why not watch two whole series for free?) we’re now back in the Sheffield Live studio and taking over the airwaves every Monday in between 1PM and 2PM.


Chris Arnold & Mickey Michaels are taking the helm, with new guy Sidekick Sam Summers getting on board to break up the bickering. Every week we’ll have gig tickets to give away, plus special guests, occasional acoustic performances, cracking tunes and a whole bunch of nonsensical jibber jabber.

The first one happened on Monday 21st September and like all the shows it can be found on our Sheffield Live page and featured special guest Nat Lofthus from Sensoria Festival. Her Twitter handle is @The_Internat – how great is that pun! 10 out 10 for punnage there!


If you wanna listen live, whack 93.2FM on the dial if you live in the Sheffield region, or simply hit up the Sheffield Live website if you live anywhere else. That’s right folks – we’re available globally!

Also, we love it when you get in touch, so text in (07920486186), tweet in (@Cool_Beans_Prod), email in (, pigeon mail in (he’s a pigeon called Barry who knocks about Gentings Casino) or whatever your preferred mode of contact is.

The Final Cool Beans/Now Then Listings – June 2014

Star Wars Episode IV. House of Fun with Pat Sharpe. A delicious slab of Wensleydale cheese. All good things must come to an end. Yep the rumours are true listings fans, this is our final column but fear not as we’re passing the torch over to the mighty Alex Fenton-Thomas. He’ll be taking over listings duties next month and Cool Beans shall still be sporadically popping up in your favourite monthly magazine. Until then, sit back, grab a tin of beans and soak up June’s selections…

5 June | Rocking Chair | Free

What colour was Yoda’s underwear in The Phantom Menace? Who did Chewbacca have a crush on in The Jedi Strikes Back? What the flip is a wookie? All these questions and more at your local Star Wars Quiz! LINK

7 – 15 June | Sheffield | Prices vary

Already an institution here in Sheffield, Doc/Fest has gone all out for 2014. Films, sessions, performances and parties including special appearances from Adam Buxton, British Sea Power, Saint Etienne amongst many, many others. LINK

13 June | Harley | £5 adv

One of the most innovative DJs of our generation who spends his time touring the World to sell-out crowds stops by the Harley Hotel for an intimate performance. LINK

14 June | Ponderosa Park | Free

We probably didn’t have to include PITP in the listings as every man and his dog will be heading down regardless but after its absence in 2013 this year feels doubly special. LINK

15 June | Crucible | £15

Count Buckules is back by popular demand after his storming BUG show last year. This time he tackles the chameleon-like rock star David ‘I need tissues for my eyes’ Bowie! LINK

15 June | Haggler’s Corner | Free

Food, drinks, laughter, friends, family and the finest swing music around! Nicola Farnon celebrates the release of her new EP with a Sunday evening shindig. LINK

21 June | Mount Pleasant Park | Free

People feeling down and coming to terms with the fact that PITP won’t happen for another year, fear not! Sharrow Festival is just around the corner! LINK

25 June | Bungalows & Bears | Free

Got to hand to the Semi Detached crew, they have been relentlessly providing Sheffield with solid live line-ups. This mid-week performance by Glass Animals shall be no different. LINK

26 June | Dada Bar | Free

Puzzled returns to Sheffield after a lengthy holiday abroad in the Caribbean. Kickstarting the new wave is none other than Pro-Verb! LINK

27 June | Riverside | £4 OTD

As many of you know, local TV (SLTV) is arriving in Sheffield and could do with a few pennies. Workshops, DJs and live music are all featured on this fun day out. LINK

28 June | Redhouse | £2 adv

Fresh from touring all around the UK and Europe, electro-swingsters Jenova Collective bring their all-new live show to Sheffield. Support from rapscallions Legitimate Gentlemen and local DJs. LINK

Thanks to Now Then Magazine for the good times!

Chris Arnold & Jimmy May. X

The Cool Beans Getogethers #2 – Tim Walker & Olly Galvin (Tribe Of Xanadu)

And so it’s time for round 2 of The Cool Beans Getogethers (or CBGs for short), where Chris Arnold sits down with people who do things. Things that might be of interest to you. If these things we speak of may be of interest to you then please, continue reading.

In the hot seats today are Tim Walker & Olly Galvin, two men so feral that Chris had to capture them with his giant net before dragging them down to the studio to question them at great length over what they are doing with their lives and why/how/what/where/etc.

The trio also answer some fan questions, discuss gym habits, hear the tale of a missing Icelandic woman and explore the musical genres of swing, jungle & 80s.

Taken from the Cool Beans Takeover on the Peace in the Park Radio on Sheffield Live (thanks to Sheffield Live for letting us use all their equipment and radio airwaves) on the 21st March 2014.

The Cool Beans Getogethers #2 – Tim Walker & Olly Galvin (Tribe of Xanadu) by The Cool Beans Radio Show on Mixcloud

Or you can listen to the unedited version direct from the Sheffield Live website here here.


1. Anything They Can Do (J.R. Dynamite edit) by The Temptations
2. Xanadu by Olivia Newton John
3. Lavender Coffin by Sonny Parker
4. The Terrorist by Ray Keith
5. I Want To Break Free by Queen
6. Just A Gigolo by Louis Prima

On our next Cool Beans Getogether we’ll have the man behind Puzzled?, Clothes Line, 50 Sniffs and loads more – Mr. Jimmy May!