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Game of Thrones – Low Budget Spin Offs

So Game Of Thrones wasn’t on TV last night and is taking a week’s break, probably due to the large number of funerals they’ve racked up. Fear not though Thrones fans (or Thrans as they are sometimes known), here at Cool Beans we have a number of low budget spin offs available for purchase. So big TV companies with cash to spare – get in touch with either Chris Arnold, Dom Kidson, Jimmy May, Toby Burr or Mark Leeming who are all available as actors/directors/producers/sound engineers/runners/archivers. The good news is that we could probably knock most of these up over the course of an afternoon and quench the thirst of the currently deprived GOT addicts.

Game of Homes – Estate agents in lower Buckinghamshire get all competitive with each other. Who can sell the most houses in a week? Will it be Roger? Will it be Barry? Only time will tell.

Game of Moans – A room full of elderly people turns to disarray as they try to out-moan each other. Contains very strong language.

Game of Phones – A thousand different telephones in a very small space, one phone is ringing, but which one is it?

Game of Loans – Mortgage companies try to dish out a loan with the largest interest rate ever. Just like in real life then. Zing!

Game of Clones – Hunger Games style competition in which people clone themselves and then fight their clones to the death. Requires CGI.

Game of Bones – Headed by Tony Robinson, who can find the most interesting archeological artefact in Shrewsbury and its surrounding areas? Rated 18.

Game of Scones – Two upper class gentlemen get awfully riled when they discover they only have one scone left and they both want it in their greedy bellies. Political undertones.

Game of Cones – Two drunkards compete to find out the best usage for a derelict traffic cone. The loser has to down a pint of gravy.

Game of Saônes – A variety of people try to recreate miniature replications of the river Saône which is based in the South of France. We’re really scrapping the barrel now.

Game of Stones – See who can make the biggest line of stones? See who can develop a kidney stone the fastest? Take bets on which one from the Rolling Stones will have a hip replacement next? I think it’s time we nipped this in the bud.

Please get in touch with cash offers for these ideas. Don’t steal them either. Cos we’ll hunt you down and maim your pets!

We spoke about this on a radio show a few weeks back as well…

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