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Good news – fried chicken aficionado Mickey Michaels has been hard at work, very hard at work indeed. The re-edited versions of series 1 and 2 of The Cool Beans Television Show are now completely available on YouTube. They are available on the MADE player still on the MADE Television websites, however many of you requested that they be uploaded to YouTube for ease of viewing. Most smart televisions come with a YouTube app or plugin nowadays, and we also haven’t monetised any of it so it’s all completely advert free!

View via the Television tab on our website, plus of course our YouTube page, but if you’re feeling extremely lazy and can’t be bothered moving away from this page, here they are below for you all!


Episode 1 – This Is A TV Show

Episode 2 – The Reviews Are In

Episode 3 – Have You Been Missold PPI?

Episode 4 – The Home Of Original Content

Episode 5 – Something Fishy Is Afoot

Episode 6 – Finale In B Minor


Episode 1 – Cake

Episode 2 – Coleslaw

Episode 3 – Courgette

Episode 4 – Celebrity Air

Episode 5 – Creepy Joe

Episode 6 – Conclusion

Now wasn’t that a lot of fun. At some point we’ll get the Christmas episode up as well, maybe Christmas? That would make sense.

If you suffer from severe ADHD, can’t sit through a whole episode and just scrolled to the bottom of this page like a psychopath then maybe you’ll enjoy our YouTube page and Facebook Videos page; on them you can find all sorts of treats and snippets from our TV shows, radio shows and club nights. There is also a whole heap of nonsense on there.

The Sheffield Round Walk Pub Crawl

July 5th 2016, a glorious summer’s day, three brave young men start a journey that will change their lives for the better – the Sheffield Round Walk. Chris Arnold (the author of this blog and leader of the walk) was longing for more excitement in his life, a quick Google search informed him that the 14 mile Sheffield Round Walk was the most fun he could have on a Tuesday without breaking the law. He enlisted his trusted companions Mark Leeming (TV’s Mickey Michaels and fried chicken aficionado) & Jonny Harrold (beer connoisseur and owner of 4 wooden staffs), packed a bag full of treats and off they went…


Now, prior to the walk I (I’ve gone from third to first person to sound less grandiose/annoying) was researching what pubs we could go to along the way, and I couldn’t find any blog, article, guide or otherwise that could help us in our quest. In fact, there was practically nothing at all online with regards to getting drunk on the walk! Disgruntled, I decided to write my own blog containing pub information once we’d completed our travels, hence I present to you…


Oh yes folks! Let’s get going. But first…


Now, the walk is roughly 14 miles long, so be prepared for a fair trek, but it’s very easy on the old legs bar one or two steep bits. I took two unfit drunks with me and they were fine. The walk is circular, ascending from Endcliffe Park through the Porter Valley, climbing towards the moorland edge of Ringinglow. The route then descends through the Limb Valley, Whirlow Brook Park and Ecclesall Woods before climbing once again through Ladies Spring Wood and Chancet Wood to Graves Park. From Graves Park, the walk continues through the Gleadless Valley, Meersbrook Park and Chelsea Park, before returning to the start at Endcliffe Park. The walk itself is maintained by Sheffield City Council, nice one guys, high fives all around.
Low Res Map
I’ve broken the blog down into the stops we did, ten of them altogether, seven of them at establishments providing alcoholic beverages, so without further ado, I present to you…


A perfect place to start, the cafe sits on the edge of Endcliffe Park and will provide your stomach with a lining fit for a king. I had a vegetarian fry up with a latte and Jonny had a falafel burger whilst we waited for Mark to join us. The mushrooms were delicious and the coffee was supremely rich.
Deliciously Rich Coffee
The weather was great and was set to stay that way, so if possible pick a day where the weather will be great. That is in fact my main advice. We set off around 11AM, heading out of the park following the Porter Brook stream and the Whitely Woods Trail until we reached our second stop.
Strike A Pose


Another delightful place to stop, the Forge Dam Cafe sits alongside, you’ve guessed it, the Forge Dam and although they don’t serve booze we still had ourselves a drink. A Blood Orange San Pellegrino for myself a Babycino for Mark. I had no idea what a Babycino was and ridiculed Mark once I’d found out. Jonny just sat there and watched us drink like some sort of drink pervert. We thought we saw Richard Hawley sitting in the corner with a mate, and our suspicions were confirmed once the cafe worker shouted “FOOD FOR RICHARD” and our suspected Hawley stood up to collect. So there you go, star spotting AND a great day out, the Sheffield Round Walk has it all. Once Mark had finished his ridiculous drink, we set off once more, this time for a long time, heading all the way along the Porter Brook to Fullwood Road, walking past Mayfield Alpaca Farm and arriving at our first pub.
Soul Searching


By this point, you’re about a quarter of the way already – congratulations! We were all thirsty for a drink – a classic pint of Moonshine for me, a pint of Split Pin for Jonny and a cider of some sort for Mark. The walk up until now had been glorious and much less urbanised than we expected. We’d all lived in Sheffield for over 7 years and it felt great to be seeing parts of the borough for the first time.
We then set off once more, travelling down the Limb Brook, passing through Whirlow, and eventually arriving in Dore. We were hoping to find another pub sooner rather than later, however we were half way though the full walk before we did. Fiddlesticks!


By this point I realised why there wasn’t much stuff on the internet with regards to pubs on the Sheffield Round Walk, we’d walked around 7 miles and had only just arrived at our second pub. Still, spirits were high and we were certain plenty more pubs were going to be available in the second half of our trip. The walk from Ringalow to Dore was beautifully mystical, it was pretty much just the three of us the whole time.
Mysterious Lake
Mark then pointed out that the Sheffield Round Walk only goes in one direction, so chances are you won’t pass people. Nice one Mark, you’re like some sort of detective wizard. Also this was a Tuesday afternoon and most normal folk are at work. At the Summer House we had a couple of bottles of King of The Hops & Curious IPA plus some crisps and pork scratchings to nibble on. After our stop we carried on our journey, much like the hobbits did in that story about the rings, and ascended a steep climb behind Dore train station. Jonny ran too fast up the ascent and had to stop to regain his breath. What an idiot. I had printed off some copies of a map detailing the walk, however the walk itself is so well signposted you would have to be an absolute tool to get lost on the route.
Extra Signposts
Anyway, the walk from now on has slightly more urbanised feel, no more long stretches in woods, but still delightful none the less. We followed our path until we hit the A61. You’re supposed to go over the road and continue into Graves Park, however we had gotten a booze thirst on so we travelled north up the road in search of a pub.


We originally wanted to stop at the Abbey on Chesterfield Road, but that was shut, so we walked further on down, past the KFC and into the Big Tree. Probably our least favourite pub from the whole walk, there was a big St George’s Flag hanging outside as the Euros were on, but it just reminded us of the recent Brexit vote. The beer selection was quite poor, but the prices were damn cheap. Myself and Jonny had a pint of Greene King IPA (£1.99!!) each and Mark had a Hazy Hog cider. I quite liked the IPA but Jonny shouted curse words at his pint for at least 5 minutes.
Jonny Hearts IPA
We had what we would describe as ‘top banter’ with the bar maid, and she filled up our water bottles for us. After spending most of the walk with the natural sounds of trees creaking and squirrels rustling, the loud noise of the street cars was unnerving and we headed into Graves Park, eventually rejoining the official walk path. The Graves Park trail leads you through a a golf course (we sat and watched a very good golfer hit a ball with his golfing stick for a bit) and eventually onto Hemsworth Road. Which leads us to stopo numero sixo.


After the low point of the Big Tree, we were hoping for something better next. The New Inn didn’t quite hit the spot, although it was nice and clean inside. A quote painted above the bar read “Probably the best pub in the World”, the emphasis quite clearly being on the word “probably”. In fact, this pub loved quotes, there were quotes everywhere. Another one read “Always drink when you’re happy, never when you’re sad” which is great advice for people with depression but surely not a business strategy an establishment trying to shift units of alcohol should be pushing.
Anyway, the booze selection was slim once more, Jonny in particular being the booze connoisseur that he is, was starting to get ratty. I had a San Miguel, Jonny a Guinness and Mark a Stones. It was about 6:30PM by now and we were almost three quarters of the way through the walk. As we were about to leave Mark told us that we should hold on as his fiancé Nikki was going to be arriving by bus. “By bus?” I exclaimed, “buses don’t come out here do they?!” and literally at that second a bus pulled up behind us and Nikki got off. Oh how we laughed. Now the trio became a quartet and we carried on. To Meersbrook!
Jonny Gets Depressed


The rest of the walk becomes much more urbanised, drifting in and out of forests, streets and parks. Coming over the top of Meersbrook Park as the sun was setting was a definitive high point, Sheffield really did look beautiful. A solitary tear ran down my face as I hugged Jonny, Mark & Nikki and whispered “never leave me”. That last sentence might not be true, who can remember, I had alcohol in my system and I was longing for more. Luckily for us the Tramshed was our seventh stop of the day and it really felt like a home run from now on. After the poor selections in our last two stops, the Tramshed was heavenly – we had a round of trendy beers and even trendier nibbles. Brass Castle Sunshine, Beaverton Smog Rocket – not names of forgotten 80s films but some of the beverages we indulged in at during our stop. We were in full pub crawl mode now and stop #8 was literally just around the corner.
The Tramshed!


You can’t go wrong with the Broadfield, a few pints of Santium IPA, a nice little spot in the beer garden. I had been keeping pretty detailed notes about our journey throughout the day but by this point I had got lazy, all I have for this stop is “Good times – 5 stars”. If anyone who works at the Broadfield is reading this, feel free to use my review in any upcoming promotional material. It was starting to get dark now. Onwards we travelled into the night. Well, we were slightly delayed as I wanted to get a pizza and it took 20 minutes for it to cook in the fast food place opposite the Broadfield. But once that delicious pizza was ready, onwards we travelled into the night.


Now. Up until writing this blog, I thought we had stopped off nine times throughout the day, that’s what I put on my self-congratulatory Facebook post anyway. Turns our I had completely forgotten about The Union.
Forgotten Pub
A delightful little pub on Union Street, classic interior, nice beer selection and if my memory serves me correctly there was a sign advertising a music quiz on a Wednesday. By this point we’re nicely tipsy and spirits within the group are high. We’ve almost walked 14 miles today guys! We have achieved something with our lives! Take that all the teachers who told us we’d never amount to anything! LOOK AT US NOW TEACHERS. LOOK AT US NOW!


Once we’d finished shouting at hypothetical teachers from our past, we travelled to our final spot – the Stags Head on Psalter Lane. Our friend Ben the Wizard (don’t ask, he’s just a wizard ok, there doesn’t need to be a reason) joined us for celebratory pints of Thornbridge beer. Mark’s pedometer informed us that we’d marched 40,453 steps and we’d debated whether the calories burnt from walking equaled the calories we’d put on through beer and pizza consumption. Either way, we’d had a lovely day and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Put 11 hours to one side, whack on a decent pair of shoes and set off on your very own Sheffield Round Walk Pub Crawl.
Final Round At The Stag

Dawn Penn Interview – Tramlines 2016

Let me set the scene for you guys. Tramlines 2016, a brisk Saturday morning, I wander down to the main stage and hear the sweet sounds of reggae blasting from Ponderosa park – the legendary reggae singer Dawn Penn and her band are getting ready for their afternoon slot. I meet all round great guy and Sheffield donk pioneer Alex Deadman, who has promised me an interview with the 64 year old singer herself. Alex has never let me down before and today was going to be no exception. I perched myself on a bench next to Dawn in the backstage area and she immediately started chatting about her very own perfume she’d been working on. It’s called The Dawn Penn Experience and despite it not being available publicly (yet, I must add) I had a little smell and I would even go as far as describing it as ‘divine’. Dawn spoke very quickly and jovially, she seemed very at ease chatting away and the conversation soon started flowing…

Chris Arnold: You’ve lived all over the place – New York, London, Jamaica, Virgin Islands…
Dawn Penn: Well I was born in Jamaica, but around the time I became a young adult I moved to Tortola where my Dad’s side of the family was from. But now I keep my whereabouts under lock and key, you got to think about your security!

CA: Is this your first time in Sheffield?
DP: Maybe I came here a long, long, long, long time ago. Because You Don’t Love Me No More was a hit back in 1994, I was touring a lot, was even on Top of The Pops.

CA: Nice! What was doing Top of the Pops like?
DP: I think I was in a dream world, I was so glad to be there. You know it’s always exciting to be on a TV show like that. It was a great experience.

I considered asking her if she remembered who presented the episode she appeared but then thought better of it in case it lead us down a Dave Lee Travis/Jimmy Savile conversation path. Although after doing some research I found out that Vic & Bob presented the episode Dawn appeared on! What a party that would have been.

CA: I want to ask you really quickly about the music industry, do you feel it’s improved over the years? Got worse?
DP: Oh my, well I have a song called Never Hustle The Music, because that what’s happened to me in the industry. The main thing about this business, and some people might called it ‘a dirty business’, is that you have to really PR & market your brand, your product. It makes you try to hook up yourself with people that do that kind of work, and it’s not cheap! That’s what it entails and every 10 years it all changes. Ultimately you have to remember that it’s about the music, and the music connects you with people.

CA: I hear you work a lot with your son, is that correct?
DP: Yeah my son and I run a label called Da Beat. I was signed to Big Beat Atlantic back in 1994, and I just get the idea that I’m going to call my label Da Beat, the ‘Da’ stands for Dawn. My son just graduated with his business law degree, he thinks money, he lives money, he dreams money! He says he’s a strategist but he very much keeps me on my toes. He is an artist as well and has a lot of very good songs, plus he’s been to school in Jamaica, the US and UK so he can do a lot of different styles. He thinks family members shouldn’t work together, but I think if you have your family together with you in a business you can be stronger. I like the idea of ‘so&so and sons’, like Mumford & Sons!

We then chuckled for a few minutes debating whether Mumford & Sons are actually a family business. Upon doing further research I can confirm that nobody in that band is related. What a con.

CA: You seen very busy at the moment, What have you been up to recently?
DP: Well I did a video in Mexico you know! I can’t tell you when it’s coming out though, even though I have it in my bag, watch out for it coming out soon though.

CA: To finish us off as I know you need to go and get ready for your set – you’ve been performing for quite some time now, do you still enjoy it as much as you do when you started?
DP: When I started I didn’t really know what it was, but now I can see why it’s so necessary to me – I get to see the world for free, I live in hotels but I love it. It’s funny when I was younger and in Jamaica I couldn’t travel at all, I would start to puke. But now I can happily travel all the way to Australia! And then stopping in Hong Kong, Dubai, wherever! And I’ve been to Hawaii, that was very nice, I got up very early to see the sunrise, it’s all good.

CA: It’s all good indeed! Thanks for taking time out to chat Dawn.
DP: Thanks for having me.

Dawn & Chris
© Jenn McCambridge

For those who caught Dawn at Tramlines this year will know already that she was certainly a weekend highlight. If you get the chance to go and see her, make sure you pop on down, fantastic voice and fantastic show woman.

Thanks to Alex, Nicola and James at the Tramlines Promo Office for hooking me up! Go grab a ticket for Tramlines 2017 while they’re hot!

Cool Beans X