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The Legacy of the Welsh Whisperer

As it’s St David’s Day, we’d thought we’d revisit our favourite character from the Wild West, the one and only Welsh Whisperer!

Appearing in the second series of Cool Beans TV as well as the special Christmas episode, we were granted exclusive access to the Welsh Whisperer’s turbulent life, all based in the rural town of Capelpenglynymochnantfawr. Once a huge star and now slightly faded, he’s trying to break back into the folk pop scene, but the constant hurdles thrown his way makes it tricky.

Episode 1 – Meet the Welsh Whisperer

We meet the Welsh Whisperer, his girlfriend Olwena Mererid Ariannwen and his agent.

Episode 2 – In the studio with the Welsh Whisperer

The Welsh Whisperer is laying down a new song in the studio, and my oh my is it a catchy number.

Episode 3 – Busking with the Welsh Whisperer

The Welsh Whisperer has finally got a gig, and it’s set to be a lively one at the Capelpenglynymochnantfawr Town Hall. He heads out on the streets to practice ahead of the big night.

Episode 4 – Falling in love with the Welsh Whisperer

The Welsh Whisperer has a tour finally confirmed! He’s packing his bags and spending some time with his girlfriend Olwena Mererid Ariannwen.

Episode 5 – Going on tour with the Welsh Whisperer

The Welsh Whisperer is off on tour, but disaster strikes!

Episode 6 – Making a music video with the Welsh Whisperer

His tour dreams may be crushed, but his agent has managed to get him a music video, and he intends to take it tropical.

Episode 7 – Christmas with the Welsh Whisperer

After being evicted by his landlord/agent, the Welsh Whisperer has a new place and he’s determined to celebrate Christmas with style this year.

So there you go folks, if you’re lucky enough to live in Wales, chances are the Welsh Whisperer himself might be performing live at a town hall or village fete near you! You can find out more about his current activities over on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Happy St. David’s Day one and all!