A Cool Beans Christmas Bumper Package!

Well a ho ho ho fine beaners! Merry Christmas from all of us at Cool Beans. Now usually we take to the festive season like ducks to water, shooting out music videos, radio shows and full 22 minute long television episodes. However this year, we’ve practically done nothing at all! Instead we’re kicking back with a few ales and reminiscing about the good times we’ve had. Thus, here in this blog, is a collection of all things Christmas Cool Beans related that we’ve created these past few years. From the good, to the oh so bad…

The Cool Beans Christmas Special!

We’ve just uploaded our full length Christmas Special that we produced for the MADE Television network in 2015. Also included are the stand alone videos for Festive First World Problems and Have Yourself A Cool Beans Christmas, The Welsh Whisperer at Christmas, plus a very questionable piece of footage from the outtakes involving pan pipes and candles.

Chris Arnold’s Alternative Cool Beans Christmas Mix

Back in 2014, Chris made an alternative Christmas mixtape for the good folks over at Now Then Magazine. It’s basically a mix of all the songs Chris likes to listen to over the yuletide period, riddled with samples from TV and film. Enjoy!

50 Sniffs – Credit Card Christmas

Many of you will have heard of Jimmy’s scamp of an alter-ego 50 Sniffs, his Christmas song back in 2013 climbed the charts and raised a ton of money for flood aid, and rightly so! Fun Fact: Duncan Vaughan AKA Barry from Cool Beans TV produced the track alongside Jimmy.

Sheff Aid Charity Christmas Single

Chris, Jimmmy and Dom all have cameos in this Christmas medley!

The Unseen Bean’s Christmas Mix

Kev Tungatt, the man behind all the Cool Beans artwork, has made a little Christmas mix, and we have to say – it’s a proper cracker!

The Chris Arnold Travel Podcast

A slightly festive edition of the Chris Arnold Travel Podcast, where he sits down for a chat with Adam Smith from the Two Beers Podcast.

Christmas with Longmourne Ratsby

Back before Longmourne Ratsby reached the dizzy heights of going to jail for indecent exposure and releasing his own book of plagiarised tales, he released this: perhaps the worst Christmas song and video of all time.

The Chris Arnold Travel Podcast, Episodes 1-10!

Hello, good day, how are you doing? First of all, commiserations to the anti-trumpers, congratulations to the pro-trumpers. We’re of course not chatting about attitudes towards breaking wind (if only) but the current president-elect. Now, regardless of your thoughts on the matter, isn’t it time we all focused on something other than the American presidential election, which feels like it’s been going on since 1756. “Yes, we agree!” you call back at your computer screen, well have we got the thing for you!

Chris (chief beaner, bad singer, fond of diner) has been out of the UK since September the 1st and has been podcasting his way around the globe. He reached 10 episodes last weekend which marks 60 whole minutes of his travel podcast, originally called ‘The Chris Arnold Travel Podcast’. There’s no podcast coming out this weekend, so why not put aside an hour and listen back to his journey thus far…

If you’re not a fan of Soundcloud (and we know many of you aren’t), you can also check out the podcast on iTunes, Acast and Stitcher.

Episode 11 shall be uploaded next weekend, assuming his laptop doesn’t crash or his voice doesn’t disappear. Thanks for listening folks and be sure to leave an iTunes review if you’ve dug his stylings!

The Cool Beans TV Show – Now on YouTube!

Hello all!

Good news – fried chicken aficionado Mickey Michaels has been hard at work, very hard at work indeed. The re-edited versions of series 1 and 2 of The Cool Beans Television Show are now completely available on YouTube. They are available on the MADE player still on the MADE Television websites, however many of you requested that they be uploaded to YouTube for ease of viewing. Most smart televisions come with a YouTube app or plugin nowadays, and we also haven’t monetised any of it so it’s all completely advert free!

View via the Television tab on our website, plus of course our YouTube page, but if you’re feeling extremely lazy and can’t be bothered moving away from this page, here they are below for you all!


Episode 1 – This Is A TV Show

Episode 2 – The Reviews Are In

Episode 3 – Have You Been Missold PPI?

Episode 4 – The Home Of Original Content

Episode 5 – Something Fishy Is Afoot

Episode 6 – Finale In B Minor


Episode 1 – Cake

Episode 2 – Coleslaw

Episode 3 – Courgette

Episode 4 – Celebrity Air

Episode 5 – Creepy Joe

Episode 6 – Conclusion

Now wasn’t that a lot of fun. At some point we’ll get the Christmas episode up as well, maybe Christmas? That would make sense.

If you suffer from severe ADHD, can’t sit through a whole episode and just scrolled to the bottom of this page like a psychopath then maybe you’ll enjoy our YouTube page and Facebook Videos page; on them you can find all sorts of treats and snippets from our TV shows, radio shows and club nights. There is also a whole heap of nonsense on there.