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Cool Beans vs. Clothes Line NYE

Join us in ending 2012…

It’s been a great year for Cool Beans. We’ve had a lot of fun, we’ve had multiple good times, hell we’ve even had a variety of enjoyable experiences and we’re ending it the only way we know how – a quiet sit-down affair in Dom Kidson’s living room, 2 units of alcohol each and a small party popper at midnight.

Of course not! We’re throwing a massive party! Hooray! Warhgh! Etc!

We’re teaming up with The Harley (legendary music venue) and Clothes Line (legendary topless drunks) in bringing you a party that will satisfy and overwhelm all. Messieurs Andy H and Mikey J are headlining the affair, not only two of the best DJs we’ve come across, but also 2 of the nicest chaps you’ll ever meet in the “DJ scene”. Both Tuesday Club residents, they’ve played all over the UK and beyond never, failing to impress the crowds. For NYE they’re planning a special back to back set for us; all aboard the partybus!

Also on the bill are rapscallions Arnivore, Jimmy The Gent, Mr. Stu, General Ron, Lonesome Dom and Andy Enchilada. Last time all these performed at a venue together they left damages to the value of around £300 (if anyone from the Harley is reading this, we promise this won’t happen again) but also left everlasting beautiful and spectacular memories in the eyes of the punters. It’s guaranteed to be a lovely affair and with it being the last Cool Beans event for 3 months we’re all up for a special one!

Musically it’ll be all over the place. Emotionally it’ll be all over the place. Physically it could be all over the place.

Dirt cheap £3/4 tickets are currently on sale from the Harley and online here.

9PM – 4AM (entry still £4 before 10:30PM)

For more info check out the Facebook page.

Bring on 2013!