The Return of Cool Beans Radio!

What’s up guys? How’s it all going? Long time no see. You look great. Is that a new beard? My oh my it looks fantastic, and is that…yes it is, you have a tiny bird’s nest in your new beard, and the eggs in there are hatching! This is a beauty to behold. What a marvellous treat this is. How delightful.

Now we’ve got that reconciliation out of the way, it’s time to chat about the almighty return of the Cool Beans Radio Show! After many months away (we were working on that TV show we did, oh you haven’t seen it? Why not watch two whole series for free?) we’re now back in the Sheffield Live studio and taking over the airwaves every Monday in between 1PM and 2PM.


Chris Arnold & Mickey Michaels are taking the helm, with new guy Sidekick Sam Summers getting on board to break up the bickering. Every week we’ll have gig tickets to give away, plus special guests, occasional acoustic performances, cracking tunes and a whole bunch of nonsensical jibber jabber.

The first one happened on Monday 21st September and like all the shows it can be found on our Sheffield Live page and featured special guest Nat Lofthus from Sensoria Festival. Her Twitter handle is @The_Internat – how great is that pun! 10 out 10 for punnage there!


If you wanna listen live, whack 93.2FM on the dial if you live in the Sheffield region, or simply hit up the Sheffield Live website if you live anywhere else. That’s right folks – we’re available globally!

Also, we love it when you get in touch, so text in (07920486186), tweet in (@Cool_Beans_Prod), email in (, pigeon mail in (he’s a pigeon called Barry who knocks about Gentings Casino) or whatever your preferred mode of contact is.

New year, new beans.


Happy New Year you lovely bunch, it’s time to bid farewell to 2014, GET LOST 2014 NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU ANYMORE, now it’s all about 2015, although let’s spend a tiny bit of time talking about 2014, because it was pretty good and all..

We made our first TV series and it’s now been shown on channels in Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff and Newcastle, we programmed festival stages, we raised £2500 for Peace in the Park and Sharrow Festival, we bagged a weekly radio show on Sheffield Live 93.2FM, started a new comedy column in Now Then Magazine, put on some storming parties, performed at the Musical Comedy Awards, booked plenty of gigs/tours for our lovely Cool Beans Management acts and made a whole heap of new friends! Even Ham Pocket had a good time with people showing up to their gigs. That’s how good 2014 was, even things went well for Ham Pocket – undoubtedly one of the worst bands in musical history.

Ham Pocket – one of the worst bands in musical history

But now as we turn to 2015 it’s time to look ahead, it’s time for the new, it’s time for the fresh. And it doesn’t get much fresher than SOME BRAND NEW RADIO SHOW SLOTS!

Yes the Cool Beans Radio Show is moving! It’s now on a Monday afternoon at 2PM. Still on Sheffield Live 93.2FM and still as rocking as ever.

But get this – there’s more!

Chris is taking on another radio slot, every Wednesday morning 7AM – 9AM will be the Sheffield Uprising show, also on Sheffield Live 93.2FM! It’ll be just like the Cool Beans Radio Show, but earlier. And we’ll talk about the weather more.

Tell your mothers and your brothers!

Cheers to all who made 2014 such a good time, in particular the mighty Cool Beans TV production team. Speaking of TV, we might be back with some new stuff that end as well, watch this space!

Space – watch it.

The All New Cool Beans Radio Show!

Greetings people of planet Earth! After spending the last few years jumping from home to home (Forge Radio, BCR, Steel City Radio and Dom Kidson’s sordid bedroom to name a few) The Cool Beans Radio Show has found itself with a brand new weekly slot!

That’s right! Every Tuesday at 11PM on Sheffield Live 93.2FM. Presented by Chris Arnold the show will feature special guests, live sessions, reviews, features, music new & old and top notch chat throughout!

Top notch!

The launch happens tonight (19th August) and we welcome special guests Renegade Brass Band! They’ll be talking beats, brass and maybe even bras? Who knows at this current moment in time.

There will also be Sidekick Jonny and Sidekick Dave reviewing films, Big Bassy providing a weather report and an exclusive interview with Corey from Ham Pocket (who’s now located out in LA!).

And as always a delectable pot of tunes which shall feature instruments playing musical notes and people singing words.

Over the next few months we have special guests in the form of Hot Soles, Smiling Ivy, Mango Rescue Team, KOG & The Zongo Brigade, The Bone Lab and many more.

So plenty to look forward to!

Listen live here:

Check out our Sheffield Live page here:

Have a gander at our old podcasts and radio shows here:

Cool Beans! Xx