The New Power Generation – Barry & Angelos Interview

Chris sat down and interviewed the legendary Angelos Epithemiou & Barry From Watford ahead of their June 9th show at the Leadmill Comedy Festival. Their show goes under the name ‘The New Power Generation’ and they promise to identify your weaknesses, expose them in front of everyone and then cure you 100% from whatever rubbish you might have.

In the interview with Chris they discuss how they first met at Mensa, their hypothetical political manifesto and their relationships with the opposite sex. They also chat about Barry’s experience working for the tabloids as well as Angelos’s feelings towards veganism.

Contains some mild cursing.

Buy tickets for Angelos & Barry in Sheffield here:

Listen to Angelos & Barry’s Podcast here:

The Cool Beans Getogethers #1 – Sam Walby & James Opus (Now Then Magazine)

And thus begins The Cool Beans Getogethers (or CBGs for short), where Chris Arnold sits down with people who do things. Things that might be of interest to you. If these things we speak of may be of interest to you then please, continue reading.

Gracing the radio microphones for the debut CBG are the eloquent Sam Walby & James Opus from the Sheffield & Manchester monthly publication – Now Then Magazine. On the show they chat about the work that goes in to the mag, the reasons for creating it in the first place, their trials & tribulations and plans for the future as well as playing a variety of hand-picked musical numbers.

The trio also look at the day’s best Tweets, talk about Hobbits and hear some news from the gone-but-not-forgotten Welsh Whisperer.

Taken from the Cool Beans Takeover on the Peace in the Park Radio on Sheffield Live (thanks to Sheffield Live for letting us use all their equipment and radio airwaves) on the 28th February 2014 and edited then uploaded to Mixcloud.

The Cool Beans Getogethers #1 – Sam Walby & James Opus (Now Then Magazine) by The Cool Beans Radio Show on Mixcloud

Or you can listen to the unedited version direct from the Sheffield Live website here here.


1. Mack The Knife (DJ Snatch Remix) by Louis Armstrong
2. The Oak Tree by Captives On The Carousel
3. Soweto by Screaming Maldini
4. Inner Babylon by Sons Of Kemet
5. My Girls by Animal Collective
6. Gangsta’s Paradise by The Grand Old Ukes Of Yorkshire
7. Good Name by William Onyeabor
8. CAM by The Stiff Joints

Over the coming months we’ll be inviting a whole heap of semi to very interesting people in to the studio for a chat. So WATCH OUT FOR THAT!

The return of the Cool Beans Podcast…

Back in July 2012 we released a podcast. It was our first podcast so we called it The Cool Beans Podcast – Episode I. Now, 7 months later, we’re releasing the 2nd podcast. This is one is called The Cool Beans Podcast – Episode II. Now we know a lot of you out there are jealous of our podcast-naming talents, but hey, some people are just born with skills, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Now, the first podcast was mainly nonsense and it had close to 2000 plays/downloads so we figured why the hell change the formula. In fact it gives us great pleasure to introduce another 45 minutes of nonsense for your thirsty ears to lap up. EXTREMELY GREAT PLEASURE.

Sure it may be nonsense but it’s still intellectual nonsense nevertheless (perhaps). Such a wide variety of subjects are tackled here it’s a wonder any of us haven’t been asked to appear as guests on Newsnight, Question Time or Blue Peter. Topics include consumerism, fitness, advertising, skin damage, the homeless, Sheffield trends, pets, fancy dress parties, speaking french and internet memes. And on top of all this the devilishly good-looking Jack Athey stops by to chat about his past, an online blogger reveals how you make the perfect cup of tea, Ham Pocket receive non-fan mail from a Mexican calypso act and Professor Terry Dix talks science.

You can subscribe to us on iTunes here. If you listen to/download the podcast you’ll make us very happy and you will be helping us combat our current afflictions (Dom – alcoholism, Andy – depressionism, Chris – fatbackism). Hell we may even manage to get the third one out before 2014. No promises though. We have busy lives to lead that include looking at dogs in costumes on the internet whilst wearing hot pants and guzzling pints of melted lard.

Anyway, enough waffle. Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy The Cool Beans Podcast – Episode II: Knocking About.

Big thanks to Alexis (Wet Nuns), Carling Extra (Temple of Coke) and Nigel Tu (Peking Comedy).

Even bigger thanks to Ed Donnellan AKA Gimpo who provided the jingles, music and many guest voices.

Much love. X