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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cool Beans.

Wow, what a great day, what an extremely pleasant day. Not only are we all going boxing later but today marks the birth of our brand spanking, revamped and relaunched Cool Beans website. It’s been long overdue, many people described our first website as and small children were known to faint if they caught a glimpse of the shoddy html coding. Once more, we apologise for all that, please drop the charges.

First of all, huge thanks go to the man like Matt Steer. He’s been working very hard day and night, only stopping every 26 hours for a quick urination and a Twix, in making our online dreams come true. If you too would like a website creating, whether it be a shrine to Abba or a place to showcase your omelette-making skills, please check out Reyt Design, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks also to the Unseen Bean for once more lending his artistic talents and finally thanks to whoever is reading this sentence, because that means our efforts were worthwhile and we can finally stop crying into our pillows at night.

Basically, this website is a massive improvement on the old one with some tasty new features. We now have a Cool Beans Management page, a free downloads page, a galleries page and a blog page which when clicked should bring you right back here. All our integral links have been embedded in the footer and we’ve been told the site looks grand on your smart phone, tablet, netbook, projected onto a pig, engraved into a tree, etc, etc.

So sit back, relax, and let your mind, body and soul be emerged in what the critics are calling “the best website launched on boxing day 2012 with an orange background and a picture of Andy Enchilada in the slider”.