You are currently viewing The Cool Beans Television Show – Series 2!

The Cool Beans Television Show – Series 2!


Yep – the rumours are true. The Cool Beans TV Show is back for a second series! After a glorious first series on SLTV we are now broadcasting the second series from the Made TV network. Currently going out on Thursday nights you can catch it on Virgin or Freeview if you live in the Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle or Leeds area – 10PM on Leeds, 10:30PM on the others. If you’re made of money and have Sky, you can catch it anywhere in the world! And here’s how you do that…


And of course like absolutely everything else in the 21st Century it is available online. In fact the whole re-edited first series is also available on the Made TV catch-up player as well. You can access that by clicking here and heading to “Entertainment”.

I’ve ran out of things to say. Here are some more screen grabs.




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Much love!

Cool Beans. Xx