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The All New Cool Beans Television Show!

Hello all!

Apologies about being so slack on the blog / updating the website front. We’ve been spending literally every second we have making a television show. And we know what you’re thinking, who let these clowns have a television show? Well Sheffield Live TV have!

That’s right, 9:30PM every Saturday on Freeview channel 8, Virgin channel 159 and uploaded to everyone’s favourite up and coming website YouTube swiftly after.

We’re doing 6 episodes in total, each 20 minutes. The first one went out last Saturday the 27th September and can found on the Television page of our website as well as our YouTube. We have 5 more on the way, all of them stooped in sketches, features, guests, performances, gags and in the words of one of our cameramen – general bafflement.

It’s something we were thinking about for some time, releasing an online Cool Beans TV show that is. But since the opportunity to produce something that’s going out over actual television airwaves came up we figured this was too good an opportunity to miss!

All this interest you? Well here’s a little trailer we knocked up….

Still interested? Well what are you waiting for, get watching then!

Hope you guys enjoy the shows and we’ll see you at the end of the month for a 4th birthday / end of series party!