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2013 – That was the year that was a year.

It’s been a year of selfies, disgraced 70s TV presenters, bad weather, government shutdowns and Miley Cyrus but on the plus we had a great time – wahey!

We got up to all sorts this year…

We hosted a number of sold out events in Sheffield with acts like King Porter Stomp, Hackney Colliery Band, Mr Benn, JB Conspiracy, Misty’s Big Adventure, Johnny Kowalski & The Sexy Weirdos and loads more. With our new venture Cool Beans Management we booked UK tours for Smiling Ivy and Dexter Dextrous & The Fingermiths as well as securing a whole heap of dates for Andy H, China Shop Bull, New York Brass Band and The Indecision. We also organised days worth of entertainment for Tramlines and Y-Not Festival and collaborated on line ups with First Word Records, London Bass Club and the Smiling Ivy lads. Good times!

DJ set wise we took the sounds of Cool Beans to the French Alps, the Scottish Highlands, the naked party island of Ibiza, the big smoke and a whole heap of festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Beat-Herder, Wakestock, Rock Oyster, Y Not, Eden, MV Festival, etc, etc. Sharing the stage with the likes of Rudimental, Zane Lowe, Slamboree, Deekline, Jaguar Skills, Youngblood Brass Band and the Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire. Top lads!

On the media/creative side of things we won the 2W2MI audience award alongside Know Media & 50 Sniffs for our Fine Line Between Love & Crime, released a whole bunch of podcasts and videos, got back on live radio thanks to Sheffield Live & Peace in the Park, had FACT Mag pick up our DJ Derek interview, provided a listings column every month for Now Then Magazine and took a powerpoint-themed musical comedy show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 6 days. What a journey!

It’s also been extremely enjoyable to watch some of our good mates do so well; Danny Beck winning the Ibiza Rocks DJ competition, Jimmy May going viral with his 50 Sniffs videos and Dom Kidson not ending up in A&E. Big ups Dom Kidson!

In summary, it’s been a cracking year and we’re looking forward to loads more new experiences in 2014. Just a quick shout out to some of the people who helped us along the way this year….

Sam Staton, Tom Lange, Kev Tungatt, Smiling Ivy, Meredith Langley, Jack Athey, Mark Leeming, Tim Walker, Olly & Adam, Tribe of Xanadu crew, Andy H, Mike McQuillan, Sheffield Live, Jamie Veitch, Happy Slap Boutique crew, Luke, Pete and Know Media, Beat-Herder crew, Kearney in Les Deux Alpes, Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths, Matt Steer, Spinforth and Scour Records/Ghetto Funk crew, all Harley staff, Nick, Rikk and Indecision, King Porter Stomp, Tuesday Club, China Shop Bull, Mikey J, Jeff & Tracey @ Redhouse, Soulful Sally, Bowery crew, Gatsby crew, Ocelus, Leadmill crew, Clothes Line, Grand Old Ukes, Oliver Gillespie, Danny Beck, Threads, Y Not Festival, Eden Festival, PBH and his Free Fringe, Siobhan, Jill & Penelopes lot, Old Pig Farm Studios, Glenn Moore, Plump DJs, New York Brass Band, Big Swing, Riverside collective, El Krazy Kat, Sam, James, Sara and Now Then Magazine crew, Mojo, Carl ‘on fire’ Watkins, Rumpus, the Peace in the Park committee, Smokestack Leeds, Papa Al and Sharrow Festival, Tramlines Festival, Goblin King (Kenneth), Hackney Colliery Band, Finger Lickin’ Management, DJ Derek, Mike Tate, Brian the Puppet, 50 Sniffs, Welsh Whisperer, Shepdog, Mr. Benn, Misty’s Big Adventure, Jeramiah Ferrari, Charlie @ Rock Oyster Festival, Rob Speranza, J*STAR, Reel Big Fish, Kunt & the Gang, Johnny Kowalski & the Sexy Weirdos, Thirsty Ear, Phil Wrighton, 2W2MI crew, Austen Cruickshank, Ashanti Beats, Big Steve at MV Festival, ROFLCOPTRZ, anyone who’s come to an event, listened to a radio show, watched one of our videos or just simply given us a high five or a back rub. We massively appreciate the support!

The biggest thanks of all goes to my fellow beaners – Ed Donnellan, Andy Enchilada, Jimmy May & Dom Kidson.

Thanks again every one, we’ll be at the Harley tonight if anyone fancies joining us for a party. On the line up is Andy H, Danny Beck, Rev. Austin, Jimmy the Gent, Clipboard, Lonesome Dom and myself. If you want to be on the cheap guestlist for the night, email me –

Chris (Arnivore) (Fat Back) xxx