Many welcomes to wonderful world of Cool Beans! It’s great to see you, have you lost weight? Here you can unwind, sit back, let your dreams become realities and your realities become dreams.........Wait up, what the hell is Cool Beans we hear you cry? Well, for a start it’s a club night, it’s also a radio/TV show and a booking agency, it’s kind of an all-round entertainment facilitator. This website should hopefully fill in the rest for you. And if it doesn't there'll be hell to pay!

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The Last Bite – The Final Cool Beans Party!

Well folks, the time has come, we’ve partied for over 5 years and now the time has come to party one last time. When I started up Cool Beans I…

Regather Round For A Night Of Ukuleles & Powerpoint

Hello folks, Hope you’re all well and enjoying the brisk spring showers lathering down on your faces. Summer is imminent and there is plenty to get excited about – Peace…

Peace In The Park 2016 – Main Stage Line Up!

After a year off to save up funds, the mighty Peace in the Park Festival is returning to the Ponderosa Park on the 11th June! We’re delighted to have been…

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