The Cool Beans Guide To DJing

Greetings to all, a new video hath been unleashed upon YouTube. A video called…

The Cool Beans Guide To DJing.

Here’s the blurb:

“Want to make it big in the DJ world but haven’t the faintest clue where to start? Want to be chillin’ with babes in Ibiza while simultaneously lappin’ up applause from club goers mesmerised by your awesome mixin’? Want to rub shoulders with the likes of Tiesto and Tony Blackburn but you don’t even know where you’d find the flanger effect on a Pioneer Mixer?

Have no fear, the Cool Beans Guide To DJing will sort you right out.”

You get the drift/vibe – it’s a spoof! Written, presented and edited by myself (Chris Arnold) and filmed by the excellent Mark Leeming. He really is an excellent man.

Also, the track we used as the main piece of backing music was created by the brilliant Phil Wrighton AKA DJ WheresNorth? It’s titled “Frack Attack” and you can cop it for free here:

Cheers Phil!

After we put the video went up online a viewer by the name of Chris Knight AKA DJ Cervo the dreamiest DJ in Sheffield asked for an extended version of Rave Eggs (a 3 second song used in the vide). Not wanting to let the dreamiest DJ in Sheffield down here is a 48 second long version of the set to be summer smash of 2014 Rave Eggs!

Free download as well for those who want it. Although we’ve heard on the grapevine that the 12inch is being released on Banana Hill Records.

If you’ve managed to read this far, thanks for entertaining/humouring this nonsense.


Let’s Groove Tonight: Plump DJs showcase exclusive disco/boogie set

Sound the party alarm! Incoming audible treats heading our way up the M1 this Friday!

The mighty PLUMP DJs are coming to QUALITY CONTROL!

Internationally renowned DJ/producer duo Andy Gardner and Lee Rous have been destroying dancefloors all over the globe with their own productions for over 15 years now. Thanks to Quality Control they’re finally back on the Sheffield stage and this time showcasing a very special 1975-2013 disco/boogie set.

The set has been skill-fully tailored to inspire and compliment more intimate surrounds.

”This music has always been there for us, our warehouse sized back catalogue is testament to this fact. Our love of this genre has never faded, and the chance to enjoy both the old and the new here has filled us with a raw energy. The early results of our exploits here have been nothing short of electric, we just cant wait to get back behind the decks”

A short taster of what to expect – here’s a special minimix they did for Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Support comes from the Freedom Sessions DJs plus Tuesday Club resident Andy H, Arnivore and Tough Breaks’ very own Mr. Skiver. Odds of this being a sweaty one: extremely high.

A few £4 advance tickets still available from behind the bar at the Harley as well as online at the following links…

Party For The People

The Harley Ticket Shop

Find out more about Quality Control here.

The Cool Beans Takeover @ Y Not Festival!

Extra extra, read all about it! Cool Beans take over the Tribe of Xanadu Tent AKA the Flaming Goat Tent at Y Not Festival this Sunday! That’s right festival fans, on Sunday the 4th August, in between the hours of 2PM & 11PM we shall be laying the Cool Beans smackdown upon the Y Not Festival goers.

It could be great, it could be awful, it shall most definitely be soaked in alcohol, mud and loose inhibitions.

Why the loose inhibitions we hear you ask? Well for one Dom Kidson is on the line up. That’s right, Lonesome Dom AKA Dom the Killer Kidson AKA THE DOMINATRIX shall be opening up the show at 2PM with a DJ set of such mastery that DJ Yoda, A.Skillz, Krafty Kuts et al shall all be quacking in their sneakers!

Later on throughout the day we’ll have acoustic sets from the BROKEN SAINTS & PRO-VERB as well as full band sets from SPIT N STRINGS & THE MOODY MUTTERINGS, SMILING IVY & those local scamps ROFLCOPTRZ.

Finishing off the night with a classic Cool Beans party we have DJs Jimmy The Gent, Ocelus & Arnivore!

Y Not is pretty much sold out, there are around 100 tickets left we believe, so if you want in now that you’ve found out about the super special Cool Beans party check out the Y Not website here!

At last year’s Y-Not escapade, only Arnivore made it down to DJ, and this is the sight that greeted him.

We know Y Not likes a good old knees up, we’re sure this year shall be no different!

Cool Beans. Xx