Junior Jungle

Junior Jungle was created by DJ Nick Terrific as the antidote to ‘baby raves’. NO pop, No Diznee, Just proper Tunes and real Ravin'!

At a Junior Jungle Party you can expect only the finest cuts of Jungle (vetted for age appropriate content), all expertly mixed live by Nick Terrific. You can also expect to dance, a lot. MC Rocky Patch will lead the charge making sure all partygoers are jumpin’ and skankin’. There will be dance offs and battles. Who will win? The Jungle cats? Or The Mashup Monkeys?!

Jungle Junior have creating parties and events professionally for over 20 years. Including venues at Glastonbury, Bestival and loads more of the UK most prestigious festivals. We have created events in Korea, Japan, and Temple meads. Partying is in our blood. Now we have small children of our own and we want them to experience the magic of a proper dance party!

As well as Junior Jungle, DJ Nick Terrific is also available for solo DJ sets AND so are Vibe Roulette - spin the wheel, whatever genre it lands on, that's where the party heads! AND if that wasn't enough they also have their own rave firetruck called Myrtle. These guys are ultimate party providers!


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