Unbelievably we have our own television show that we imaginatively called The Cool Beans Television Show. In fact we’ve now done two whole series AND a Christmas Special that have been aired on a variety of local channels including SLTV, Made in Leeds, Made in Cardiff, Made in Tyne & Wear, Made in Bristol, Made in Liverpool, Made in Birmingham, Big Centre TV, Estuary TV and Bay TV! Honest! Check out the trailers…

Tickle your tastebuds? You want to see some more? Well like absolutely everything else in the 21st Century it is available online. Here’s series 1…


Episode 1 – This Is A TV Show

Episode 2 – The Reviews Are In

Episode 3 – Have You Been Missold PPI?

Episode 4 – The Home Of Original Content

Episode 5 – Something Fishy Is Afoot

Episode 6 – Finale In B Minor


Episode 1 – Cake

Episode 2 – Coleslaw

Episode 3 – Courgette

Episode 4 – Celebrity Air

Episode 5 – Creepy Joe

Episode 6 – Conclusion


If you suffer from severe ADHD and can’t sit through a whole episode then maybe you’ll enjoy our YouTube page and Facebook Videos page; on them you can find all sorts of treats and snippets from our TV shows, radio shows and club nights. There is also a whole heap of nonsense on there.

We’re also very proud of our British Comedy Guide page and our IMDb page, which have plenty of information on the cast and crew.

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