You are currently viewing The Cool Beans Getogethers #2 – Tim Walker & Olly Galvin (Tribe Of Xanadu)

The Cool Beans Getogethers #2 – Tim Walker & Olly Galvin (Tribe Of Xanadu)

And so it’s time for round 2 of The Cool Beans Getogethers (or CBGs for short), where Chris Arnold sits down with people who do things. Things that might be of interest to you. If these things we speak of may be of interest to you then please, continue reading.

In the hot seats today are Tim Walker & Olly Galvin, two men so feral that Chris had to capture them with his giant net before dragging them down to the studio to question them at great length over what they are doing with their lives and why/how/what/where/etc.

The trio also answer some fan questions, discuss gym habits, hear the tale of a missing Icelandic woman and explore the musical genres of swing, jungle & 80s.

Taken from the Cool Beans Takeover on the Peace in the Park Radio on Sheffield Live (thanks to Sheffield Live for letting us use all their equipment and radio airwaves) on the 21st March 2014.

The Cool Beans Getogethers #2 – Tim Walker & Olly Galvin (Tribe of Xanadu) by The Cool Beans Radio Show on Mixcloud

Or you can listen to the unedited version direct from the Sheffield Live website here here.


1. Anything They Can Do (J.R. Dynamite edit) by The Temptations
2. Xanadu by Olivia Newton John
3. Lavender Coffin by Sonny Parker
4. The Terrorist by Ray Keith
5. I Want To Break Free by Queen
6. Just A Gigolo by Louis Prima

On our next Cool Beans Getogether we’ll have the man behind Puzzled?, Clothes Line, 50 Sniffs and loads more – Mr. Jimmy May!