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It’s Starting To Feel A Lot Like Cool Beans…

Ho ho ho and a fourth ho for extra luck!

We’re hurtling towards Christmas (we’re also hurtling towards a global climate disaster but let’s save that for 2016) and here at Cool Beans we’re very excited to be in the process of making a TV special for the MADE TV network.

Yes, after 2 series, 12 episodes, however many minutes of questionable content, The Cool Beans Christmas Special shall be aired on Christmas Eve! Here are the times…

MADE in Bristol – 22.00
MADE in Cardiff – 23.00
MADE in Leeds – 22.00
MADE in Tyne and Wear – 22.30

It shall of course be uploaded to the MADE catch up player not long after broadcast and we’ll be sharing that link like wildfire.


But what’s happening in the episode we hear you cry? Well we don’t want to give too much away but we can reveal that the Welsh Whisperer fires his agent, Henry Coldbridge (star of Rate My Plate) dishes out some dinner tips, Stiky Pete has a new business venture, Smiling Ivy are the special guests and “lovable” hosts Chris Arnold & Mickey Michaels are finally allowed out of prison.


Festive First World Problems – a music appearing on the Christmas Special can be viewed on our YouTube channel….

The MADE TV channels are available on Virgin and Freeview in their catchment areas and are available anywhere if you have Sky TV. Here are the instructions for adding a MADE channel to your sky box…


In the meanwhile, why not head on over to our MADE in Leeds page and rematch series 1 and 2? In fact, why not send your loved ones a link to series 1 & 2 as a Christmas present this year? We’re cheap (£0.00), easy on the eye (apart from Stiky Pete) and fun for all the family (maybe not the under 12s)!

Have a few more hos to keep you going for the week – ho ho ho ho ho ho!